YTD I BLOG #3 - Self Confidence & Purpose

I might be a bit different than others. I’ve always had a confidence in myself, sure a lot of people have called me arrogant or cocky in my days. But I see it a different way. I’ve always tried to treat people with respect, which is why I don’t see myself in that light.

My confidence hasn’t been that I am better than anyone, it’s been a constant drive that I know (like deep down know, no questions asked know) I will be successful and by far the best in anything I apply myself to.

Why? I believe in myself deeply and hot damn I encourage you to believe in yourself as well!!! Who is someone to tell you that your unable to do something?

Negativity breeds doubt, listen to your gut, not someone telling you it can’t be done!

You will hear “you can’t do that” more times in your life than “do it, I’ve got your back”. Why? Some people are comfortable. I can’t stand comfort. Comfort to me means staying put, comfort means not growing, comfort means not experiencing things that will shape you as a human, as a parent and as a friend. Go tell comfort you guys aren’t friends anymore and set yourself a challenge. Thank yourself later!

I started Yeah The Dads as a passion project. I, by no means, am not, not busy. I manage a large part of a national retail business (real job and it is the best), have three kids, am in the gym regularly and devote a stack of time to my family outside of normal work. People ask me how I have the time with all that to also start and run a clothing company? My answer? Confidence and purpose!!!!

Here’s my thought process;

  • Comfort is putting the kids to bed and watching TV for 3–4 hours.
  • Purpose is putting the kids to bed, hammering the gym from 8–9pm and then working from 9:30-midnight.
  • Comfort is saying I don’t have time to chase my passion/goals.
  • Confidence is saying I will make time and make sacrifices to achieve my goals.
  • Comfort is not believing something is possible because people tell you so.
  • Purpose is believing you are the whole show and knowing with every ounce of yourself that you will be successful, no matter what anyone else thinks or tells you.

In this day and age, it takes balls (in my opinion) to be confident in yourself, in your skills, with your passion and your ideas. People have the ability to judge you in person, behind your back and online through a number of platforms.

But if you have something you want to do, achieve or conquer in your life…. Like Nike has projected, just do it! No one can hold you back but you and your self-belief. Trust me, if you believe in and are confident in yourself no one else’s opinion will matter, nor should it.

Go do you! Unfriend comfort and negativity! Plan, execute and conquer…. You have it in you. Everyone does. I promise. And with that rant, that’s why I know deep down YTD will be successful. Confidence + purpose.

2018 is here and it’s a perfect opportunity to lead by example for your kids, put your goals, purpose and dreams into play. The only question is are you prepared to do it? We both know you are 👊🏻

I hope you all have an amazing New Year with your family and friends!!!

Thanks for reading,


P.S. If you are ever doubting yourself, a wise man once told me to; "Look up, get up and never give up!"

Good luck!

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